Circadian Trust was formally known as South Gloucestershire Leisure Trust (SGL).  

SGL was established in 2005 as a fully fledged independent, charitable company (prior to this SGL was run in house by South Gloucestershire Council). The Trust was originally set up to operate and run 5 leisure centres across South Gloucestershire, since which this number has increased to 7 leisure and sports facilities.

During the first 5 years as an independent business, SGL successfully saw significant growth in income through its new strategic business approach. As a result we were able to extensively invest in facilities, equipment and services and deliver savings to our partner South Gloucestershire Council. In 2007 SGL successfully developed and introduced the 'Active' partnership which continues to grow. 

With partnerships developing from outside South Gloucestershire, as our company has evolved, and to take advantage of new opportunities, it was necessary to develop a differentiated position through our brand to reflect the high level of service we provide. Hence SGL underwent a rebrand to become 'Circadian Trust' on June 1st 2011.  

Circadian Trust operates as an independent commercial and legal entity and is a registered Charity working as a social enterprise, balancing commercial reality with a social conscience and delivering social return on investment in the local communities it serves.

Looking ahead we aim to broaden our partnerships, strengthen our market position and draw upon and share experience and knowledge.

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