Circadian Brand Launch

1st June 2011

Circadian Logo (Circadian_Logo_SMall.jpg)South Gloucestershire Leisure has now re-branded to become Circadian Trust.

From June 1st 2011 we have launched a whole new look and strategic vision to ensure that Circadian Trust, the providers of leisure and sports services in South Gloucestershire have a clear and independent identity


Why Circadian Trust?

Circadian is taken from Circadian Rhythms this is why we get up in the morning, feel hungry, need sleep.

Circadian is the very essence of life – we believe that what we do, 'delivering active lifestyles', should be part of the essence of everyone’s life and using our services is just part of continuing that rhythm.

We’ve also placed an emphasis on the word trust as we believe that the social enterprise business model,  is one that ensures we operate for social good, and is crystallised in the word Trust.

We have a brand that we believe is clear to people about who and what we are as a business.

Importantly, Active, will remain our customer facing brand, this is something we are proud of developing and means so much to our customers, over the last 3 years since we launched and our customers identify with Active

To offer a short explaination about the look and feel of Circadian Trust here's a little about the ‘ideogram’ or ‘logo’

  • It creates a sense of rhythm, taken from the dictionary definition of Circadian
  • The inter connections represent communities, partnership & support 
  • There is a sense of movement to highlight the core service around being Active 
  • Vibrant Colours give a sense of fun and diversity 




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