South Gloucestershire Social Enterprise reports healthy revenue growth of 7.6%

28th November 2014

Circadian Trust, the award winning social enterprise which operates eight Active Leisure centres across South Gloucestershire, has reported revenue growth of 7.6% in the last financial year.

Revenue grew £727k during the year to £10.22m, a quarter of a million pounds above the budget target. Expenditure was also controlled and despite being higher year-on-year due to significant investment in facilities, it was lower than budget forecast.

The results reflect the growth in paid visitors during the year, which were up by nearly 280,000 (12%) to 2.5m.

Said Mark Crutchley, Chief Executive of Circadian Trust: “These set of results are one of the most successful to date for the Trust and are testimony to the dedication of our staff across all our sites.

“Key drivers have been significant investment in the facilities, commencement of a digitisation programme to continuously enhance the customer experience and the introduction of a social media programme to heighten interaction with our customers.

“The figures speak for themselves and shows that we are delivering what our customers want at prices they are willing to pay.”

Circadian Trust has been successful in coping with the challenging government cut backs by reinvesting all profits into improving the customer experience, as well as providing health and leisure consultancy and new and innovative services.

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